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I’ve heard so much about this show and all of it was a positive critique. A friend of mine suggested to me this show and after many delays I finally found some time to spare on this show.

What can I say?

I love Kelsey Grammer. I liked him at Cheers, I loved him at Fraiser. Undoubtedly one of the best actors on TV and that is obvious when you look at his Emmy’s.

He’s the only actor that I’ve seen before and the show revolves around him. So he’s the boss it seems. He’s the boss who struggles with his health.

Grammer is playing a much more radical role than what we used to see him. He’s not a therapist but he’s a city major with a lot of resemblances to a schizophrenic. This is what makes this show heavy and radical, and therefore it leans more to the crime genre than a drama.

It’s not more crime than drama, but from my viewpoints that seems to be the case.

Anyway the show tries to bring in front of the cameras the ugly reality that surrounds us, the reality that we don’t like to acknowledge, but maybe exists.

It promises to be a great show and definitely it’s coming back, but I won’t be watching more than a couple of episodes in a row. That’s because it’s thematic is too ‘strong/heavy’ to process.

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Ok, last episode was more romantic than funny, something that is not unusual for this show. Anyway, in this episode things are back to normal, which is a capital LOL throughout the episode. The story is divided in three sub-stories. Marshall and Lilly are fond by the apartment that Lilly’s grandparents offered them as a gift. Trying to find enough reasons to move to Long Island by still remaining New Yorkers puts them on many funny scenes. But, that won’t be the main course of this funny episode. Barney and Ted are ready to do something really stupid, again. They’ve done enough stupidities before, but this thing is really stupid. They plan to adopt a baby and still remain two straight parents. Just imagining them as a couple sounds funny, but watching them dreaming about their kid, and turning into a couple without knowing it provides laughs that won’t stop easily. Let’s not forget Robin who somehow seems a bit in a low mood and trying to release her anger by stopping Lilly and Marshall moving to Long Island. But, she has other major issue that I didn’t see it coming. One of the greatest episodes in this season, and if you a HIMYM fan you will HAVE TO watch it.

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This show is still holding up and being funnier episode after episode. The gang organizes a free Thanksgiving dinner for homeless people. While we get a greedy Han, there come total different sides of Oleg, being a good businessman, doing dirty business and being sensitive and romantic. That guy doesn’t get much space, but with that little space that he has he amazes me. Earl had some great lines too, just to remind that writing for this show is fantastic. Caroline starts to cook and it turns out just what we expected, a MESS! While the episode starts with Max being a Grinch about Christmas and Caroline being in that “festive air” it ends with both of them changing their view about Christmas. I’ve heard many of the viewers being bored about Max always being negative and playing that angry girl, and this was the perfect chance to see her in a different mood, character. Who imagined that inside that character was a soft and caring heart. On the other hand we witnessed the emotional meltdown of Caroline who finally gives up being caring and socializing type with some help of Max. The last few sentences sound like I’m describing drama series, but you will find many funny moments and those fantastically written line with a dose of sarcasm that actually makes this one of the best shows on TV this season.

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Certainly it was one of the best episodes of this season of SNL. If you look at the hosts and musical guests so far this season, it wouldn’t look much promising episode, but it was the best episode so far. Charlie Day didn’t make such an impact in this episode. Well, he had his own sketches, but, there were a lot of other sketches much funnier than those including Charlie. The start of the episode is wonderful. Ghaddafi’s ghost was superb! It was great and funny prepared speech just like the one that Ghaddafi would have given!
Weekend Update with Seth Meyers was very funny, too. Bill Hader doesn’t need Stefon to not be able to handle his character. Rick Perry’s character was very funny. And kudos to Kristen Wiig for playing Judy character. It must have asked a lot of work to remember those lines. Impressive! So, couple of fantastic sketches accompanied by a couple solid funny sketches like Greek Gods meeting, and Dr. Oz show. And while we’re at Greeks, Seth Meyers A Closer Look at Europe was pretty funny, and being a European I couldn’t agree more with that statement. Amazing job, Seth! Well done!
Exceptional performances were the songs of Maroon 5. They just stole the show with those two great songs.

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I’m pretty sure that this year’s winner will come from the girls category. No wonder that this is the best and the most competitive category in this edition of The X Factor. I don’t know how will Kelly Rowland manage the girls and will she choose the right songs, but those girls have great potential, great talent. Even without Jade in there which, what was a BIG surprise for me, those girls are ‘gold’.
I can’t pick between Janet and Amelia. Both those girls are my absolute favourites to win this year. Both of them have shined since the auditions and from there they just kept becoming better and better through every stage of the competition. Of course live performance is different and a single moment can ruin it all, but I believe they would put the best performance in the following weeks.
The other two contestants on Girls category aren’t far from them. Misha Bryan owned the stage in the auditions and felt so confident on herself. That should be a boost for her in the live performances and I also think she might be the only “universal” singer in this category. I mean she can sing fast, rhythmic songs and also can do the slow ones. I don’t think Janet can sing rhythmic songs well, and also I don’t like her singing barefoot. Sophie is good. She can sing, but needs more self-confidence for live performances. Anyway it’s hard to choose from these girls, but I think Amelia is the best singer in this category, and the biggest favourite to win it all.

Over the Boys category I don’t see any absolute favourite. All the boys might be contenders for top spots but simply I can’t pick a winner in here. Marcus is great singer and maybe the best in this group. He has that amazing voice that can sing almost anything that you give him to sing. Frankie and James besides good voice are charming and loose, which will help them in the live performances, getting votes by most of the girls and being more confident on stage. Craig doesn’t look so much confident, but has good potential. I don’t think he won’t be the first of the boys to go.

I was astonished when Louie didn’t pick Samantha. Take a look at her audition, she was amazing. And there wasn’t anyone better than her on that group. At Over 25s there isn’t a winner. Oh, wait a minute. There is a potential winner. It’s Jonjo Kerr. He has great potential, amazing voice, but his live performance might be worrying. He missed the lyrics in the audition and didn’t look so much self-confident in the judge’s houses, but it was a great improvement looking back at auditions. He looks a bit shy maybe, not too open, somehow like Matt Craddle last year. He’s definitely the best in this group. Johnny Robinson has an interesting voice. He is likeable among viewers and might get solid number of votes. The one who won’t make it to the second week maybe, is Kitty Brucknell. She provides a great entertainment, puts up a show, but she doesn’t sing that well, and it seems like she’s pushing the wall through every phase.

And last but not least the Groups category. Watch out for The Risk. It was very smart by Tulisa to combine these guys with amazing voices and great talent. Simon did something similar last year with One Direction and they were simply amazing and really contenders. Nu Vibe are great group too. They have great chemistry and with Tulisa’s help they can put a hell of a show. Rhythmix are interesting group, but I can’t see them as winners. Same applies to 2 Shoes.

I don’t doubt that this edition will be much more interesting than last year and the new judges will bring freshness that will make us even more interested in this X Factor. And does anyone miss Simon, Cheryl or Danni. I don’t and I also don’t like US version of The X Factor. For me, UK version is simply the best X Factor these days. Let’s turn on the TV and have fun until Christmas.

Luan Morina


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What was that?! Where was I supposed to laugh?! Please somebody tickle me, for NBC’s sake! It was supposed to be a comedy, but I think they misunderstood the concept of word comedy. It was more like drama, drama that tried to be funny in some occasions, but guess what, IT FAILED!

I’m talking about NBC’s new comedy series, UP ALL NIGHT! No doubt that it got sampled, but I think that was because of huge ratings of America’s Got Talent final. Numbers aside the pilot of this series sucked. I honestly tried to find a single scene in the show to make me laugh, but I just couldn’t. We get that NBC airs comedies targeted more at critics, but this wasn’t 30 Rock. I wanted to see what will Christina Applegate and Will Arnett do together, just like many viewers, and we all saw that it wasn’t anything special, anything that we used to see from them, or anything that we will watch.
The plot of the series promised to be interesting, but they couldn’t make it funny. There weren’t any funny moments neither Karaoke singing wasn’t funny at all. And at the end of the pilot it turned into family drama series. And if they think cursing on TV makes it funny, well they’re wrong.

A full season order for Up All Night will be waaay to much! I’ll get back for the 2nd episode, but I just don’t see how they can make it funnier! One thing for sure, I won’t be watching this next May.

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I like Hank Azaria. I like his work in The Simpsons where he portrays many of my beloved characters. I was looking forward to see him in comedy series in person, not drawn as cartoon character. And after the first episode of Free Agents, I think I’d like to see him at least couple times more. The plot of the series isn’t that great. It’s not The Office and it’s not that funny. At least I laughed at some scenes, some stupid scenes that were funny, and sometimes even creepy! There are some interesting funny characters like Greg, Emma, and Stephen. Uh, and let’s not forget Walter. I know they’re not funny enough, but there are enough characters to spread the story and make it exciting if it’s needed to.
But the pilot was weak, just like the ratings. Maybe it will gain it momentum but airing after Up All Night makes it harder to survive. I certainly will come back to see at least next two episodes, but I’m not sure I’ll stick to it, especially when you know the competition on Wednesdays. One thing that I know for sure is that this isn’t the series that would make NBC’s comedy night bloom. If it last more than its original UK predecessors which aired for six episodes it would be considered a success for them.

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It’s highly anticipated show, mainly for the return of Sarah Michelle Gellar on TV. It’s not maybe Buffy all over again, but the pilot looked promising. Beginning looked a bit complicated and maybe made us a bit confused, but by the end of the first episode we were able to get some clarifications and now we can start to determine the key characters of the series. The plot, even if it was a bit confused in the beginning, it started to become clearer by the end. And it seems to be interesting plot fulfilled with mystery that will keep you wanting to come back for next episode. I liked the casting, the actors were chosen smartly, and I think that Sarah Michelle Gellar will have a tough job portraying twins with totally different characters, but I don’t doubt in her abilities. There were some interesting actors in supporting roles. With good writing I’m sure this show will have a solid success and maybe a second season on CW. It certainly promises to be interesting show and maybe a new hit for this channel. I’d like to watch following episodes, but it won’t be in my Must Watch list on Tuesdays.