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I’m not familiar and pretty interested in watching the chief Harry too soft. And ironically that’s just what happened. But, also I’m not ready letting him and Peggy to leave the show. It’s good that they’re still stuck here and also the weather – constantly snowing is the best thing about this show.

By now we all can assume that Molly will get pregnant by the end of the season, so the next season will be happening around Molly’s pregnancy. I like these changes, like Samuel moving in with Carl, and also Mike and Molly moving in the basement.

The episode was quite funny. I like the part seeing Mike upset about his chief, although there was too much time spent on the mall. Anyway there was a nice built-up for the next series of episodes that will be a lot less during March.

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vlcsnap-2013-02-09-00h45m05s146 6×15 The Spoiler Alert Segmentation!

So Leonard is moving in with Penny, and Amy is moving in with Sheldon! Spoiler?! If you haven’t read Harry Potter there will be even bigger spoilers.

It was a pretty great episode. I like it how Sheldon spoiled the entire Harry Potter series for Leonard and for those who still haven’t surrended to the spell of JK Rowling. It was mostly concentrated at Sheldon and Leonard, and their girlfriends. But, first let’s talk about Mrs. Wolowitz. At last we saw that, even though we have seen the face of her voice! She has a new ‘puppy’. I couldn’t differ who was that in the famous pink pajamas at first. That was a great side story with Rajesh and Mrs. Wolowitz, just what made this episode perfect.

But, let’s turn to the main story. At last we had Penny and Sheldon in the same side. They had nothing to differ, and help them. So, just like the spoiler in the first sentence they do move in together. I think this was a teaser, something to test us if we would enjoy the famous duo separated, and ready to move on with their life. Maybe we would – in season eight or nine. But, for now, just like Penny and Sheldon, we’re not ready. We really aren’t Chuck. So, please just don’t move in anyone with anyone. Things are perfect just the way they are.

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vlcsnap-2013-02-09-18h04m43s88 10×15 Paint it, pierce it, or plug it in

What’s wrong with me?! No, seriously, I simply loved Charlie Sheen! And I still do, but I don’t hate Two and a Half Men now! In fact I didn’t hate it for the past 39 episodes. I still think everything with Charlie was great, until Chuck Lorre screwed it up on season 8 with the writing, and then Charlie went all ‘zoo’-ing.

I like it when Walden is loose. Making jokes on Allan, being free spirit, not being in love, and just being that successful and sensitive nerd. That’s what makes the show better. Well, that’s what makes the show likeable. The episode was better because all the attention wasn’t around Alan, as it is most of the time.

Jaime Pressly was awesome in this episode. I liked her character a lot. It was perfect if we compare it with the character she used to play lately on not so successfully ended I Hate My Teenage Daughter. IT was one of the best guest performances by an actress in comedy series this season. Don’t be surprised if it gets an Emmy nomination. (Yeah, it was that great).

It was a great episode. If the team could pull out these kind of episodes more often, it will be a great show for at least a couple of years.

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how-i-met-your-mother 8x04Still there’s no news on the mother. It’s more about the godfather(s). This episode was funny, but it’s getting tired. It’s taking too long to meet the mother and honestly right now it’s the only thing that is keeping me watching the show. Yet, I still watch it. I do.

The baby has changed the format of the show. Now it’s getting more ‘serious’ and ‘less funny’. I don’t know how that isn’t impacting the viewers who still are in a solid number. The ending was serious and maybe touching for some. There were few jokes during that race to become Marvin’s godfather, but that’s all.

I know maybe I’m asking too much from the show, and I’m probably right because I got tired. But, there’s no excitement like it used to be before. I don’t really care for Monday nights anymore. It’s getting boring. There’s no new plot that’s gonna last a few episodes like there were Ted’s and Barney’s girlfriend, or some dude that Robin was dating. There isn’t any interesting guest star. There isn’t any step made toward the mother. I’m disappointed.

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homeland 2x02Is this the best drama on TV or what? No, definitely it’s the best drama in the television right now. Drama fans at last have a true show filled with mystery and drama. The ending of this episode was fantastic. They do everything that is needed on a quality drama episode.

Carrie is still in Beyrut and after the mess that she got into last episode, there’s time for another mess. But, that comes a bit later. Now, she’s in a pretty tough position, not tougher than Saul is though. Would the agency trust her after her ‘failure’ in the first time? You bet they won’t, and it’s up to Saul to decide which side he’ll chose, or better say whom he’ll trust more. I guess you’ll now the answer to that.

A large part, an important part in this episode is dedicated to Brody. He’s stuck between the past and the future, and he will have to deal and make pretty hard decisions in this episode. He’s doing very good job at acting in this episode and reminds us of the toughest moments this character of Damien Lewis had in the first season when he was fantastic. He’s still at his best in what I believe to be his last season. And Claire Daines it’s in the same level too. She’s playing the character in the perfect way achieving to unify the medical condition and the dedication to work of her character.

There was a scene that got us nervous and probably angry in this episode, that made us hate at a moment her character, but that’s the beauty of drama isn’t it?

I like the episode and probably it’s among the best this series had even though it’s hard to make a list. Homeland is going great and please continue to give us these kind of episode.

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Revenge 2x02Definitely this is the most unanticipated show that there is. After what happened in the first episode, you may thing that was the clinch of it, but just wait. It’s pretty hard to review a drama of this kind without a spoiler, so if you haven’t watched the episode yet, reconsider reading, although I tried to stay away from spoilers!

The Graysons are evil, especially Victoria. After playing a soft-hearted mother in the first episode of this season she became the old one of herself with that plot against the white-haired guy. She and Conrad are probably the evilest couple in nowadays dramas. And that’s what probably makes this drama one of the best dramas in television. I mean the mystery on this show has no limits. They bring people back from dead, and considering that we never saw the grave of David Clarke, I won’t rule him out after the first couple of episodes of season two. Also there’s seems to be a bit mistery behind the other apprentice of Takeda, that English-accent guy.

The story is getting shaped in larger dimension. If at the beginning we had only Emily and the Graysons, now we have the fake Amanda Clarke dealing with Jake, we’re getting more into the private life of Nolan, and all this is happening without losing focus on Graysons and real Amanda.

It promises to be a great season for one of the best mystery dramas on TV.

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This show keeps getting funnier and funnier after each episode. And the best thing about it, is that the show it’s not about the girls only. We had episodes about Earl, about Oleg, about Caroline’s dad, and even about Chestnut, but we never had an episode (almost) entirely about Han. The whole episode was a masterpiece of comedy. It started with the girls slapping each other and then Oleg has a line that ‘spices it up’. Then that thing about Han’s age who’s… What? Maybe that scene about the robbery was a bit bleak, but anyway it had to put Han in the center somehow.

I particularly liked Sophie making jokes with Caroline’s accident that was funny in a cool, interesting way. Then again Oleg jumps in to make it funnier and filthier. The scene in the theater especially following Han and that dude, something we didn’t get enough information at the end, was pretty funny.

Anyway it was an interesting, funny, and laughable episode of 2 Broke Girls. It makes happy that this show is getting better and better every day and is here to last.

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It’s becoming more and more like Lost. It’s lost in the time, or at least I’m lost. I completely lost the timeline since the first episode of the season. Did Ted met and talked to ‘the mother’ at the station? How did the story went after that? Didn’t he leave Victoria that day? Man, I have to get back and watch the probably the whole seventh season.

It was funny, with Marshall and Lily stepping back in the center of action and keeping us off the track of the main question ‘who’s the mother’?

Finding nanny for Marvin, especially that interview with Marshall’s hometown girl, that dialogue was cool. Then the story about the train, and the Mary Poppins nany scenes were pretty funny, mainly because of her accent especially at the end of the episode. Barney’s back too, but same as Ted’s story, it got complicated too. Did he marry anyone, or was he marrying anyone?
Did the wedding happened or we’re still waiting for it? Didn’t Ted leave the wedding to go and get Victoria? Seriously ‘what the hell happened’?

Anyway Marshall’s and Lily’s baby is one of the cutest on nowadays shows.

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Definitely this is one of the funniest and sweetest comedies on the air. After last weeks ‘oily’ and filthy episode, this weeks we had a romantic and caring episode.

One of the funniest thing is how Mike can change the situation when it’s looking like he screwed up and might be sleeping in the couch to finding sweet, adorable, romantic lines that make Molly bliss. It’s hilarious every time he’s part of the joke about his weight like was tonight that special game about him with tequila shots.

In this episode we have Mike’s friends editing and narrating the weeding video that was funny, but the main character in this episode was Carl. His mood changed complete throughout the episode from preparing to wed to becoming extremely jealous and something else at the end (trying to avoid spoilers).

Funny part of this change of Carl was Mike rubbing it for that football player while driving in the car. Come on, dude deserves at least a nomination for an Emmy.

I thoroughly enjoyed the episode, and might even be the best episode of a comedy series that I’ve watched this season. Loved it!

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the-bang-theory-6x01The promos for the first episode of the TV’s best comedy were thrilling. So was the whole episode. I really enjoyed watching this episode from the beginning to the end. Maybe those scenes with Howard talking to his mother – whom we will definitely never see; and to Bernadette were maybe sometimes a little ‘stupid’, but there was fun too, especially that Russian astronaut making fun from the background about the Cold War etc.

But, let’s concentrate on maybe the most important step the producers made a couple of seasons ago – bringing Amy to the show. She fits perfectly with Sheldon, and just makes him weirder, creepier and more laughable. That anniversary date with Raj, it was the best scene of the episode. Amy surprised with Sheldon, Raj feeling sorry for ruining the date, and Sheldon getting romantic, oh man, that can’t get better.

It was also one of those episodes when Leonard is ‘stupid’. Spraying his body with that ‘big’ sport fans message, having no idea about one more of Sheldon’s theories, and still thinking that that accident with proposing was romantic – that’s so Leonard. Penny had her part too, trying to be less girly than Leonard isn’t that easy.

Anyway it was an episode to enjoy, and a season to look forward too. We’re done maybe with Howie and Bernie, but all other dudes have the opportunity to get settled by the end of this season.