You know that feeling that you have the day after the Emmy’s, that Monday when the new season starts and with that comes, that awesome comedy block on CBS?! Well, there’s no better way to start the season with CBS’ comedies including the sophomore ‘2 Broke Girls’.

They’re back with those dirty jokes that give just enough spice to make this one of the best comedies on air. Earl does his part with just two sentences, enough to consider him one of the greatest arms of this show. And let’s just say how great idea was bringing Sophie’s character on the show. That gave Oleg more space to show ‘his side’ and take the attention from the girls.

The episode was one of the greatest. We got to know Caroline’s dad, and that new dude on the auction was pretty funny too. Almost every scene, except maybe that filthy scene in the beginning, was absolutely hilarious. Max’s dialogue in the jail, both times; Caroline getting introduced as a few celebrities on the auction, were the icing on the cake. It’s becoming a great show and getting its fan base among the viewers. I’m really looking forward to come back for more.

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