Is it just me, or do you really feel that this might be the latest season of this series? And I would really hate to find out who was the mother in the latest episode. I’m expecting they will give us at least a few episodes to ‘enjoy’ watching the Mother! It will be nice if they share some of the episodes with the Mother and Ted. Looking back at the first episode of this season, this is looking very probable.

The scenes, the connection of the story told on this episode was put nicely, that cupped with a fantastic ending, that amazing snapshot. That rose our (my) expectations through the roof after last season’s disappointing finale. The episode was pretty funny too. Marshall and Lilly constantly sleeping, Ted explaining the relation with Robin to Quinn, and replacing here in the pictures. Also adding that romantic part in the end; both scenes; the one with Robin, and the other one with Ted. It was pretty amazing. I liked also Tom Lennon’s character, too. A great start of the season, I just hope they don’t go disappointing us right next Monday, but mostly I hope that wedding won’t be lasting two seasons. That would be utterly stupid.

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