This show keeps getting funnier and funnier after each episode. And the best thing about it, is that the show it’s not about the girls only. We had episodes about Earl, about Oleg, about Caroline’s dad, and even about Chestnut, but we never had an episode (almost) entirely about Han. The whole episode was a masterpiece of comedy. It started with the girls slapping each other and then Oleg has a line that ‘spices it up’. Then that thing about Han’s age who’s… What? Maybe that scene about the robbery was a bit bleak, but anyway it had to put Han in the center somehow.

I particularly liked Sophie making jokes with Caroline’s accident that was funny in a cool, interesting way. Then again Oleg jumps in to make it funnier and filthier. The scene in the theater especially following Han and that dude, something we didn’t get enough information at the end, was pretty funny.

Anyway it was an interesting, funny, and laughable episode of 2 Broke Girls. It makes happy that this show is getting better and better every day and is here to last.

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