vlcsnap-2013-09-30-20h37m17s151I’m getting tired of this. Seriously, I loved the first part, right up to the accident. Then, it went all quieter, less funnier. It started interesting, but not exceptional. But, once Han and Oleg got involved it got funnier. It was a nice episode right up until the accident in the shop. After that, it was something like girls ‘owning the moment’, cashing-in, and a lot of hippies.

And boy did they push the limits on this episode. It’s no surprise for them, but this episode was really really just almost too dirty. Too much double-entendre, which it was funnier to some point, and I like how they do this – push the limits, but it’s not really funny.

The show’s still good. But, it’s not getting better, and if there’s no changes it gets boring, and people won’t watch it anymore. It’s still solid, and I’ll keep watching it, but, the first season was the best so far. Give us more of that. And less of Caroline and Max. Focus more on the supporting cast.

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