This show is still holding up and being funnier episode after episode. The gang organizes a free Thanksgiving dinner for homeless people. While we get a greedy Han, there come total different sides of Oleg, being a good businessman, doing dirty business and being sensitive and romantic. That guy doesn’t get much space, but with that little space that he has he amazes me. Earl had some great lines too, just to remind that writing for this show is fantastic. Caroline starts to cook and it turns out just what we expected, a MESS! While the episode starts with Max being a Grinch about Christmas and Caroline being in that “festive air” it ends with both of them changing their view about Christmas. I’ve heard many of the viewers being bored about Max always being negative and playing that angry girl, and this was the perfect chance to see her in a different mood, character. Who imagined that inside that character was a soft and caring heart. On the other hand we witnessed the emotional meltdown of Caroline who finally gives up being caring and socializing type with some help of Max. The last few sentences sound like I’m describing drama series, but you will find many funny moments and those fantastically written line with a dose of sarcasm that actually makes this one of the best shows on TV this season.

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