I’ve heard so much about this show and all of it was a positive critique. A friend of mine suggested to me this show and after many delays I finally found some time to spare on this show.

What can I say?

I love Kelsey Grammer. I liked him at Cheers, I loved him at Fraiser. Undoubtedly one of the best actors on TV and that is obvious when you look at his Emmy’s.

He’s the only actor that I’ve seen before and the show revolves around him. So he’s the boss it seems. He’s the boss who struggles with his health.

Grammer is playing a much more radical role than what we used to see him. He’s not a therapist but he’s a city major with a lot of resemblances to a schizophrenic. This is what makes this show heavy and radical, and therefore it leans more to the crime genre than a drama.

It’s not more crime than drama, but from my viewpoints that seems to be the case.

Anyway the show tries to bring in front of the cameras the ugly reality that surrounds us, the reality that we don’t like to acknowledge, but maybe exists.

It promises to be a great show and definitely it’s coming back, but I won’t be watching more than a couple of episodes in a row. That’s because it’s thematic is too ‘strong/heavy’ to process.

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