I like Hank Azaria. I like his work in The Simpsons where he portrays many of my beloved characters. I was looking forward to see him in comedy series in person, not drawn as cartoon character. And after the first episode of Free Agents, I think I’d like to see him at least couple times more. The plot of the series isn’t that great. It’s not The Office and it’s not that funny. At least I laughed at some scenes, some stupid scenes that were funny, and sometimes even creepy! There are some interesting funny characters like Greg, Emma, and Stephen. Uh, and let’s not forget Walter. I know they’re not funny enough, but there are enough characters to spread the story and make it exciting if it’s needed to.
But the pilot was weak, just like the ratings. Maybe it will gain it momentum but airing after Up All Night makes it harder to survive. I certainly will come back to see at least next two episodes, but I’m not sure I’ll stick to it, especially when you know the competition on Wednesdays. One thing that I know for sure is that this isn’t the series that would make NBC’s comedy night bloom. If it last more than its original UK predecessors which aired for six episodes it would be considered a success for them.

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