homeland 2x02Is this the best drama on TV or what? No, definitely it’s the best drama in the television right now. Drama fans at last have a true show filled with mystery and drama. The ending of this episode was fantastic. They do everything that is needed on a quality drama episode.

Carrie is still in Beyrut and after the mess that she got into last episode, there’s time for another mess. But, that comes a bit later. Now, she’s in a pretty tough position, not tougher than Saul is though. Would the agency trust her after her ‘failure’ in the first time? You bet they won’t, and it’s up to Saul to decide which side he’ll chose, or better say whom he’ll trust more. I guess you’ll now the answer to that.

A large part, an important part in this episode is dedicated to Brody. He’s stuck between the past and the future, and he will have to deal and make pretty hard decisions in this episode. He’s doing very good job at acting in this episode and reminds us of the toughest moments this character of Damien Lewis had in the first season when he was fantastic. He’s still at his best in what I believe to be his last season. And Claire Daines it’s in the same level too. She’s playing the character in the perfect way achieving to unify the medical condition and the dedication to work of her character.

There was a scene that got us nervous and probably angry in this episode, that made us hate at a moment her character, but that’s the beauty of drama isn’t it?

I like the episode and probably it’s among the best this series had even though it’s hard to make a list. Homeland is going great and please continue to give us these kind of episode.

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