It’s becoming more and more like Lost. It’s lost in the time, or at least I’m lost. I completely lost the timeline since the first episode of the season. Did Ted met and talked to ‘the mother’ at the station? How did the story went after that? Didn’t he leave Victoria that day? Man, I have to get back and watch the probably the whole seventh season.

It was funny, with Marshall and Lily stepping back in the center of action and keeping us off the track of the main question ‘who’s the mother’?

Finding nanny for Marvin, especially that interview with Marshall’s hometown girl, that dialogue was cool. Then the story about the train, and the Mary Poppins nany scenes were pretty funny, mainly because of her accent especially at the end of the episode. Barney’s back too, but same as Ted’s story, it got complicated too. Did he marry anyone, or was he marrying anyone?
Did the wedding happened or we’re still waiting for it? Didn’t Ted leave the wedding to go and get Victoria? Seriously ‘what the hell happened’?

Anyway Marshall’s and Lily’s baby is one of the cutest on nowadays shows.

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