how-i-met-your-mother 8x04Still there’s no news on the mother. It’s more about the godfather(s). This episode was funny, but it’s getting tired. It’s taking too long to meet the mother and honestly right now it’s the only thing that is keeping me watching the show. Yet, I still watch it. I do.

The baby has changed the format of the show. Now it’s getting more ‘serious’ and ‘less funny’. I don’t know how that isn’t impacting the viewers who still are in a solid number. The ending was serious and maybe touching for some. There were few jokes during that race to become Marvin’s godfather, but that’s all.

I know maybe I’m asking too much from the show, and I’m probably right because I got tired. But, there’s no excitement like it used to be before. I don’t really care for Monday nights anymore. It’s getting boring. There’s no new plot that’s gonna last a few episodes like there were Ted’s and Barney’s girlfriend, or some dude that Robin was dating. There isn’t any interesting guest star. There isn’t any step made toward the mother. I’m disappointed.

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