vlcsnap-2013-02-26-17h59m08s88Well, it’s time to move on. Thank God that this is coming to an end. At least for now, if they don’t come up with a new ‘smart’ idea about prolonging the series, we might have the Mrs. Mosby in the next couple of episode; or, at least some information about her.

The Playbook was gone, and appears for one last time just to disappear again. It was fun once again seeing Barney with his new apprentice in action. But, it was necessary for that to come up, one last ‘fight’ between Robin and Barney. That honesty from Barney was something we didn’t see before, and a new phase for him. I suppose we’re going to continue seeing a kind of a ‘bipolar’ Barney episode after episode.

I miss seeing the little Marvin, one of the cutest babies on TV in the last years. I think this is a new stage for the series, if all of the Ted’s girlfriends are gone FOREVER. With Barney engaged, and Ted off the market, we can expect a new a more serious approach of the show, more romantic, and more about the mother. I have to admit that Jeanette was cute, and necessary. Her character perfectly fits the story.

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