vlcsnap-2013-09-30-20h38m10s140It was worth waiting for. No, seriously, Cristin Milioti aka ‘The Mother’, blew my mind. She was fantastic. All she had last season was a single line and nothing more. We could’ve judge her just by her looks. She had no major TV/movie role, and honestly I had no opinion, but listening to others how she was ‘meh’ made me think like them too… Contrary to the opinions of some of my friends – the mother was supposed to be someone known, big name on the screen; I liked the fresh face that I’ve never had seen before.

Anyway, she was amazing. Her chemistry with Lily was awesome. None of the characters, ever, have had a similar conversation with Lily. She blended just right into the show. The scene with Ted was fantastic, too. I liked what the writers did, putting the show a year after the wedding. It’ll help getting away from the wedding boredom.

But, what I liked the most from this episode was the character of Curtis. Having already been familiar with  Roger Bart, acting on ‘Revenge’, it was a great feeling seeing him again on the screen. And I loved his character. That scene with him, Ted, and Lilly was very funny. Especially the last part.

What got on my nerves was that ‘problem with the common cousin’ of Robin and Barney. Thankfully that ended pretty soon, because it was, well, it was dumb. I didn’t like that at all, and not anything stupid in this season, please.

About the season… It will be boring seeing a weekend explored during a whole season. I’m not too fond of this idea, never been. But, those forward-flashes with Ted and the mother might be helpful. I still trust the writers, and I hope they’ll do a fine job.

I think this season will be more of a romance than a comedy, and I have nothing against this. I’d love to see it that way, because, let’s face it – it’s the time!

Oh, and I don’t want to forget Marshall and his adorable companion, Daphne. Great chemistry between them, loved every scene involving these two. However, I didn’t like that whole problem with removing a photo from the internet. That was dull, just like the ‘cousins’ problem.

I’m glad it’s back, and I’m really looking forward to see Cristin Miloti shine again. She fascinated me in this first episode.

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