Ok, last episode was more romantic than funny, something that is not unusual for this show. Anyway, in this episode things are back to normal, which is a capital LOL throughout the episode. The story is divided in three sub-stories. Marshall and Lilly are fond by the apartment that Lilly’s grandparents offered them as a gift. Trying to find enough reasons to move to Long Island by still remaining New Yorkers puts them on many funny scenes. But, that won’t be the main course of this funny episode. Barney and Ted are ready to do something really stupid, again. They’ve done enough stupidities before, but this thing is really stupid. They plan to adopt a baby and still remain two straight parents. Just imagining them as a couple sounds funny, but watching them dreaming about their kid, and turning into a couple without knowing it provides laughs that won’t stop easily. Let’s not forget Robin who somehow seems a bit in a low mood and trying to release her anger by stopping Lilly and Marshall moving to Long Island. But, she has other major issue that I didn’t see it coming. One of the greatest episodes in this season, and if you a HIMYM fan you will HAVE TO watch it.

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