The summer was hellishly hot! And most of the people know that I hate summer and warm weather…

Now before I go on, this flu has pushed me to the limits and beyond. I’m under a lot of medications, and beside any writing errors I might get lost… (I do that often, but let’s blame the medications this time)

So, it was hot. And it was boring, and there was no football. But above all, it was fucking hot!!! And still is, and it’s not going to get cooler, or better.

But, before it got hot I got into a mood where I questioned everything, with the hope to find out some of the answers about life and stuff. I got something for myself, from myself, but that doesn’t look enough.

I know that generations of people haven’t found out the purpose of life. And neither will this or next generations. But, we should strive to achieve it. When? Well, sometimes we get tired… maybe you don’t, but I did….

I’m so fucking tired that I don’t want another summer. Hell, I don’t want another year. Eight months… that’s max! And to the God up there, I have one last request. Take me somewhere else before May comes. Hell even before February, but I really expect to see Colts in Super Bowl! So, April would be good enough.

And if you die before you turn 30 they’d say, he died young. Although I never grew up. I’m still like a child. Just take a look at me and what this flu has done to me. I refuse to grow up. Because it’s so boring. Ties, shirts, shiny shoes – that’s fucking boring. Be serious… why on earth would you be serious, why would you change the way of your life just because you have to grow up… why grow up. Fucking society. Fucking ‘smart’ people’.

So, just like Tupac most of the mornings I ask myself ‘Is life worth living? Or should I blast myself?’

Is it worth living? If yes, show me why you do wake up in the morning…

I know it’s not worth living another hellishly hot summer… so, God if you plan another summer like this, find a solution for me… please… pretty please…

Oh wait, there are the Olympics… well, fuck it…

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