Life off the Social Media

Day 1

Yesterday after feeling stressed and in need of a getaway from a few things and people, I decided to take a break from the social media.

It’s not something I’ve never done. I occasionally try to get away for a days or weeks just to prove some kind of independence from the computers and stuff. A couple of days ago a dude on Twitter asked if we know anyone who doesn’t have access to the internet. It made me think and realize that there aren’t even retired people who don’t use internet – some of them Skype with their relatives.

Ok, so how was my first day?

Got up early, just a bit after 6 am. Breathed in the fresh air that during the day lost most of its humidity. Went to work and after missing the bus for just a couple of minutes late, decided to do something I was planning for a long time – walk home from work. That’s around 12 kilometres or 15 minutes with bus. It was hot, around 27 grades of Celsius. And unfortunately, I forgot my water bottle at home, something that almost never happens. After walking in a road without sidewalk for more than 4 km, the accident and the thing I fear the most happened. A relative of mine saw me walking, stopped the car and made me get in. That’s how he ruined one of my lifetime goals. Well, this year’s goals. I’d probably stopped just after another kilometre to the next bus station and buy some water, but anyway now I have someone to blame.

After that spend less time on computer and phone accessing the internet. Actually didn’t use the phone at all. Watch a great movie, and an episode of one of the series I have to finish. Did some work-out and jogging after almost three months. I had to rest following the recent events on my life.

And how do I feel now, just after 10 PM. Sleepy, too sleepy….

I had to use Skype and checked the Twitter once or twice. No words on Facebook though. Now I’m posting this to my blog and probably I’ll have to post it to Facebook too…

Anyway, it’s going good and probably will last a few more days. Tomorrow, I’m not even reading the Twitter feed, let alone favourite or retweet anything….


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