Day 2

I made cookies people! And they were utterly delicious! I made too much of dough, so there were too many cookies and I gave some of them to my neighbours! They wish, I’d have done. I ate them all by myself. Not really, a couple of neighbours came by and asked for the recipe, which of course I didn’t give to them. No, really, I liked these cookies, they were….. um…. different. Mum chipped in, just to criticize me, but she ate cookies too, and she liked them. Mum… well we had coffee together today, and was pretty nice conversation. Usually I don’t drink coffee, but…

Didn’t walk today like I did yesterday. Teaching season, and hopefully my teaching carrier is over. Instead I run for about a km (you can laugh, but being inactive for more than three months doesn’t let you become a marathon runner in a day). Also played and beat the neighbourhood kids in football. Taught them how to joggle with the ball. Oh, by the way, the game was played with the glorious Ball 4. Had double of the workout I did yesterday. Oh, went to the grocery market, did some extra gardening, and fixed the back yard door. Visited the graveyard too. There’s a lot of other stuff to do tomorrow, but no plans… never… just keeping in mind things that need to be done.

Watched a movie, didn’t like the ending, it could have been better without that extra ending scene. Watch season two finale of ‘Sherlock’, which blew my mind, once again. Wrote a ‘spoiler-less’ review of Game of Thrones, and a couple of extra episodes. No sports though. Interesting fact is that after being a regular subscriber of, this year I’m not doing that. I’m not expecting to lose three hours for a single game that will result in Brewers’ loss and also I’m feeling kind of ‘cold’ towards sports. What’s happening in the transfer market?! Oh, there’s a game on TV?! Yeah, that’s weird… but, the movies are better, although I didn’t think the same in the early spring.

Oh, cooking… I cooked the dinner today, and also I had an extra snack, three times, something I haven’t done in a year or more. Also, restarted those guitar lessons that used to do 3-4 years ago. It’s never too late.

Haven’t seen the word Facebook today, and nothing on Twitter either. I wasn’t online on gTalk either or, just Skype running in the background of OS and nobody calling. No phone calls either, and I don’t know where the Zphone is.

That’s the Day 2 off Social Media. Tomorrow I’m keeping my Facebook activated but not visiting it at all. That’ll be tougher, but I’m gaining confidence, and independence from Social Media. You should get out more people….


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