So three days passed eh…. Fantastic! Today there was no picking on Facebook, Twitter, GTalk, or even Skype. There was no movies or series either. Just a football game, one of the best games in the last month (actually the only one I watched), and some baseball highlights.

A mowed the lawn, did some gardening, and made the lunch. Burek, not too oily and burned burek, just the perfect size (of course I’m gonna show off, what did you expect). It was very tasty, and when you add ayran, then you have the perfect combination for a hot 34 degrees of Celsius day in June.

My goddaughter came for visit. She bought me an ice-cream. I know, I know, I should buy her, but a change once in a while isn’t that bad. And neither was the ice-cream. It was one of the most delicious ice-cream that I had this summer.

Anyway did some workout, jogging, and a pretty great amount of ‘free time’ spent on video lectures. Didn’t miss at all the social media. It’s easier to stay away if you spend that short time talking to people you like.

Day 4 Off Social Media here I come…


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