Day 4

Let’s be honest, this was the easiest day without Social Media. Didn’t even had to deactivate Facebook. The most part of the day spent outside – finals, meetings, and movies. Watched a pretty good film at the movies, ‘World War Z’. It was fun. Drank a lot of water, it was so damn hot. We miss the rain already.

Didn’t cook anything, ate out and leftovers. Eating Nutella now while writing this. Met an ex-student. Bought a coca-cola that said ‘share it with your sister’. Now that’s 2 out of 3 after couple of weeks ago being served ‘share it with your dad’.

There was no time for movies and shows. Actually watched ‘The Simpsons’, and laughed again in the bus, despite promising that wouldn’t do that again.

Today was the last day of the school which means that I had to install games for neighbourhood kids, those who finished with all ‘A’-s, which nowadays is becoming a trend around here. Visited some other neighbours, had some interesting conversations. Let’s not forget jogging and gardening again, and a visit to the special place.

Also enjoyed watching kids get wet in the centre of Prishtina, cooling of in the hot sun. Attended a protest that still I don’t know what was it about, but I know they were right protesting in front of the government’s gates.

That was it, I consider myself immune to the Social Media just in four days. I’ll keep it through the weekend, and then it will be gone and used reasonably afterwards, I hope. Get Out!


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