vlcsnap-2013-09-30-20h38m51s67Chuck Lorre is a genius. I’m a big fan of him, and loved every single one of his comedies. I was a bit worried about casting of Ana Farris in a lead role, especially having in mind her history with quality-cheap comedies before.

But, she out delivered my expectations by having a pretty great pilot acting. I loved her chemistry with Allison Janey, and having her beside with make this show undoubtedly better and funnier. Despite the great chemistry on screen, the show tend to get bored if there’s just a single couple. This will be prevented by fantastic French Stewart. I would’ve never believed that Stewart will go and do a great work after ‘3rd Rock from the Sun’. His character there was ‘specially funny’. But, the pilot episode of ‘Mom’ was greater by his presence. Chef Rudy, is a soulless chef who cares only about quality food. I’m still laughing with his lines in this episode, because he made those scenes exceptionally funny. I love seeing him back on TV.

Now, I can’t stress the importance of other characters. They’ll support the show, but we have this ‘triangle’ with Christy (Farris), Bonnie (Janey) and Rudy (Stewart) that will be in every scene and provide the laughs.

I don’t have any doubts about the writing. It was amazing on the pilot, and I know it will continue in the following episodes too. There’s a new comedy in my schedule for this fall, and I really hope it will get a full season order.