Would you send your father to jail? Well, Ray would, and he will do everything to find evidence to see his father behind the bars.

We must admit, he’s a creep. The therapy session of his son proved this. Also his time at the library and his maniac obsession with twerk, or what was it called. We still don’t know everything about their history. We don’t know why Ray hates his father this much. That’s what keeps me interested in this show.

The last episode saw them get together without all the hatred in the previous couple of episodes. The end proved that all this was farce and there’s no softening in their relationship. I liked this more than to see a bond being born between them.

Ray fixes his neighbour who gets involved with his daughter. We see him do the best at what he does – getting things fixed. We see his power even inside his family. His wife portrays a typical wife of these characters like Ray. She’s soft, hurtful, and owned by her husband. Also, despite his ‘profession’, Ray isn’t a Draper. He’s much more of truthful, caring, loving husband. Maybe that’s why he doesn’t want to mix up his work with his family, and wants his father out.

Anyway, I liked this episode. It uncovers a few things – who did Mickey killed, and that Ray has a bigger enemy than his father, who also has his enemy. This will keep me interested in this show, and I’m really glad that it will comeback for the second season. Great casting by the way! Love it.

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