The episode starts in a fantastic way. The best opening scene so far with Ray standing near the window, snow falling outside, calm music in the background, until Mickey shows up to ruin the moment.

In contrast to the previous episodes there’s no direct collision between Ray and Mickey. They’re working apart to eliminate each-other now. We see some new characters. We saw Claudette and got a glimpse in the past of Mickey. That was a nice scene, the one with the old car. We see Mickey’s plans tumble again, despite trying to prove to Claudette that he’s better guy like showing her that picture of Ray’s family. Lots of fun was the scene in the restaurant with Mickey, Marvin and Bunchy. We see a connection between Marvin and Bunchy in this episode. For a moment we have a typical family – the kids are arguing in the car while the dad needs to intervene. Moments later they’re having fun at the pool. That was fun and interesting.

On the other hand we have Ray who spends more family time in this episode. We got a closer look to Ray’s kids. We see Conor who reminds us at his father. He’s a heartless guy who can’t take bullying and fooling around. We have Lena who’s starting to grow up. She’s something like her mother, soft, and lovable. Ray’s still that guy who does his business even when it’s supposed to be family time. His character still reminds us of a better Don Draper. Ray still is dedicated to his family, but it’s like he can’t leave business aside.

And also we have Terry Donovan who in this episode is kind of alone, trying to deal with his problems. He seems to be like someone stuck in the middle of all this fight involuntarily. Probably he’s the best Donovan.

Mickey ruined the opening scene, but, he was awesome at the ending scene.

I’m still convinced and applauding the casting of this show. Live Schreiber and Jon Voight are perfect fit for this show. Also let’s not forget the remaining cast. I still like this show, and it’s getting even hotter. Now it looks like Mickey is the one hunting Ray.