Revenge 2x02Definitely this is the most unanticipated show that there is. After what happened in the first episode, you may thing that was the clinch of it, but just wait. It’s pretty hard to review a drama of this kind without a spoiler, so if you haven’t watched the episode yet, reconsider reading, although I tried to stay away from spoilers!

The Graysons are evil, especially Victoria. After playing a soft-hearted mother in the first episode of this season she became the old one of herself with that plot against the white-haired guy. She and Conrad are probably the evilest couple in nowadays dramas. And that’s what probably makes this drama one of the best dramas in television. I mean the mystery on this show has no limits. They bring people back from dead, and considering that we never saw the grave of David Clarke, I won’t rule him out after the first couple of episodes of season two. Also there’s seems to be a bit mistery behind the other apprentice of Takeda, that English-accent guy.

The story is getting shaped in larger dimension. If at the beginning we had only Emily and the Graysons, now we have the fake Amanda Clarke dealing with Jake, we’re getting more into the private life of Nolan, and all this is happening without losing focus on Graysons and real Amanda.

It promises to be a great season for one of the best mystery dramas on TV.

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