Certainly it was one of the best episodes of this season of SNL. If you look at the hosts and musical guests so far this season, it wouldn’t look much promising episode, but it was the best episode so far. Charlie Day didn’t make such an impact in this episode. Well, he had his own sketches, but, there were a lot of other sketches much funnier than those including Charlie. The start of the episode is wonderful. Ghaddafi’s ghost was superb! It was great and funny prepared speech just like the one that Ghaddafi would have given!
Weekend Update with Seth Meyers was very funny, too. Bill Hader doesn’t need Stefon to not be able to handle his character. Rick Perry’s character was very funny. And kudos to Kristen Wiig for playing Judy character. It must have asked a lot of work to remember those lines. Impressive! So, couple of fantastic sketches accompanied by a couple solid funny sketches like Greek Gods meeting, and Dr. Oz show. And while we’re at Greeks, Seth Meyers A Closer Look at Europe was pretty funny, and being a European I couldn’t agree more with that statement. Amazing job, Seth! Well done!
Exceptional performances were the songs of Maroon 5. They just stole the show with those two great songs.

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