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2 Broke Girls 3×01

I’m getting tired of this. Seriously, I loved the first part, right up to the accident. Then, it went all quieter, less funnier. It started interesting, but not exceptional. But, once Han and Oleg got involved it got funnier. It was a nice episode right up until the accident in the shop. After that, it …

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2 Broke Girls 2×03–TV Review

This show keeps getting funnier and funnier after each episode. And the best thing about it, is that the show it’s not about the girls only. We had episodes about Earl, about Oleg, about Caroline’s dad, and even about Chestnut, but we never had an episode (almost) entirely about Han. The whole episode was a …

TV Reviews

2 Broke Girls 2×01 – Review

You know that feeling that you have the day after the Emmy’s, that Monday when the new season starts and with that comes, that awesome comedy block on CBS?! Well, there’s no better way to start the season with CBS’ comedies including the sophomore ‘2 Broke Girls’. They’re back with those dirty jokes that give …