elementary-1x01Being a huge fan of ‘Sherlock Holmes’ movies and stories, especially being a fan of Robert Downey Jr., you’re pretty doubtful for the new TV series about our favorite classic TV detective. You think it’s even creepier that Sherlock lives in modern world of technology and even weirder is that Watson is a lady.

But, if you watch the first episode of the show, you’ll end up thinking ‘Wait, this actually looks pretty good’. And indeed it is. I really liked the pilot. Everything seems very good. The writing is great, the story is unforeseeable, and the actors fit perfectly, which makes the whole show perfect. I simply don’t see a way how this show, this project could’ve been done better.

I said that I wouldn’t see anyone that could play Sherlock after Robert Downey Jr., but Jonny Lee Miller surprised me for good. I really liked his work in the first episode, and if he keeps it up in the next episodes, I’ll think the show is going to become a cult probably. Also seeing Lucy Liu in the character of Watson is pretty amazing. I liked her work on Southland, and maybe there’s no a large difference, but she did good in the first episode.

The weather always seems dark, cloudy, which fits with the mystery, and it’s one of the things I liked the most about the pilot episode.

All I can wish is that nothing changes and the show gets renewed as soon as possible. I think I already the best new drama on my schedule this fall.