Last game against Bobcats was a big test in my opinion for the future of Jazz. With Paul out because of the left ankle, it was Big Al’s turn to have problems in the same part of the body and offers us the opportunity to see our future in the paint.

Enes was amazing. He’s grown up at the amazing pace, and I expect him to be the center of our team most lately next spring. If he keeps up developing at this pace, we have an all-star in our team. Add to that the talent that brings Favors and we’re safe at the paint in the long-term future. Now with both, Al and Paul out, and not traded away we can assume that the team might try to tie up the contract with at least one of them. Neither of them will agree to get paid less than 10 million per season.

Without all the hype after last game, and bearing in mind that the opponents were Bobcats, I’d take the chances and let both of them go. That would save us 23.5 million. Add to that Mo’s contract of almost 9 million, and the release of Bell, we’re going way north of 30 million in cap room for the next season. Foye, Watson and Tinsley are the others whose contracts will be done after this season. They earn 6 million together.

Now of all free agents, in my opinion we should sign only Foye and Watson, if we could manage both of them for 5 million. That leaves us with 30 million in cap room. We can go crazy and try to sign Chris Paul and have desperate times keeping all of the talent we have at the moment, or we can try to sign a couple of free agents and secure in a long-term deal Favors and Hayward. We need a PG, and this position will be filled with a lot of free agents. Beside Paul, there will be Brandon Jennings and Jarrett Jack, the two who’ll be in the top of my list. I’d go with Jennings because of his age and his capabilities for long-term squad. We’ll need a center, a backup center. Pekovic and Mozgov are free and probably can be lured for solid money. Earl Clark is free agent too, but, he’ll be looking for a starter role, and that’s not available because of Favors. Another player in whom I’ll be interested is Tony Allen. He might come cheap and be a good fit in SG position beside Burks.

The most expensive player will be Marvin Williams. He has two years left and might not be needed and end up just like Bell with this rhythm of Hayward’s development. Or we can trade him, if anyone would be interested and not want any of our talents. That will put us in a ‘rebuilding mode’, but won’t’ take as long as Thunders.

Now, let’s head East and beat some of the folks there. We’re not bad on the road either this season. We need Top 6 position for the playoffs!

Luan Morina
Utah Jazz fan