Hostages-1x01I expected the story to be developed more like ‘24’ – one day one story. Anyway, the story moved pretty quickly, and the doctor dodged the first bullet. Now, if they’re going to hold them up for 15 days, and she’s going to dodge another 15 ‘bullets’ that’ll be BORING. I liked the other part of the story, how the killer is a family man, has a daughter, a sick wife, and he’s doing this because ‘he has to’. Well, guess what, this storyline is old and, you’ve guessed it right – boring.

Toni isn’t one of my favourite actresses, something I can’t say about Dylan McDermott. I like him a lot, and the same goes for his character. But, that’s not enough to bring me back for the second episode. It’s one and done with ‘Hostages’ for me.