last-resort-1x01Did you miss the island of Lost? Well, for those who didn’t stick with Hawaii Five-0 because it was ‘too civilized’ maybe there is a bit of hope on Last Resort.

Anyway forget the island! The show seems pretty intense that keeps you stick to it for the whole episode, you don’t get bored and other things. The writing and directing might be better, but it’s solid, at least the pilot.

I’m not sure about the plot, but I think it could get a season, not more, with the tempo that the first episode went by. I guess they won’t be fighting only with tomahawks and certainly there will be no ‘welcome’ by the local gangsters in that island or a coast, or whatever was that. However, that looked pretty ‘Lost’-y.

The cast is compelling and did pretty good work on the first episode. I still don’t have a clear idea how the story will go and who will be the main characters, but I don’t think the cast will disappoint.

I’ll watch the next episode too, but I’m not sure I’ll be watching regularly, at least not until it get picked up for the full season. It’s tough timeslot to survive where they are at.