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Mike & Molly 3×16– Review


I’m not familiar and pretty interested in watching the chief Harry too soft. And ironically that’s just what happened. But, also I’m not ready letting him and Peggy to leave the show. It’s good that they’re still stuck here and also the weather – constantly snowing is the best thing about this show.

By now we all can assume that Molly will get pregnant by the end of the season, so the next season will be happening around Molly’s pregnancy. I like these changes, like Samuel moving in with Carl, and also Mike and Molly moving in the basement.

The episode was quite funny. I like the part seeing Mike upset about his chief, although there was too much time spent on the mall. Anyway there was a nice built-up for the next series of episodes that will be a lot less during March.

Mike & Molly 3×03–TV Review


Definitely this is one of the funniest and sweetest comedies on the air. After last weeks ‘oily’ and filthy episode, this weeks we had a romantic and caring episode.

One of the funniest thing is how Mike can change the situation when it’s looking like he screwed up and might be sleeping in the couch to finding sweet, adorable, romantic lines that make Molly bliss. It’s hilarious every time he’s part of the joke about his weight like was tonight that special game about him with tequila shots.

In this episode we have Mike’s friends editing and narrating the weeding video that was funny, but the main character in this episode was Carl. His mood changed complete throughout the episode from preparing to wed to becoming extremely jealous and something else at the end (trying to avoid spoilers).

Funny part of this change of Carl was Mike rubbing it for that football player while driving in the car. Come on, dude deserves at least a nomination for an Emmy.

I thoroughly enjoyed the episode, and might even be the best episode of a comedy series that I’ve watched this season. Loved it!

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