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Ray Donovan – Sezoni 7 (me spoilera)

Nga njëqind mënyra për të vrarë Ray Donovanin, Showtime zgjedhin anulimin e papritur, pa i ofruar as edhe një finale të denjë! Sezoni i shtatë hodhi hapat për një Ray Donovan 2 në Brixheten derisa njëkohësisht do të mbyllte sagën e Mikit, armiqësinë e Donovanëve me Sallivanët. Por, kemi një finale që lë shumë pyetje …

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Ray Donovan 1×04 – Review

The episode starts in a fantastic way. The best opening scene so far with Ray standing near the window, snow falling outside, calm music in the background, until Mickey shows up to ruin the moment. In contrast to the previous episodes there’s no direct collision between Ray and Mickey. They’re working apart to eliminate each-other …

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Ray Donovan 1×03 – Review

Would you send your father to jail? Well, Ray would, and he will do everything to find evidence to see his father behind the bars. We must admit, he’s a creep. The therapy session of his son proved this. Also his time at the library and his maniac obsession with twerk, or what was it …