vlcsnap-2013-09-30-20h42m31s231One of the most anticipated dramas for this fall. I’m more a comedy viewer, but this one got my attention with the first information that surfaced. James Spader is amazing, and so he was on this pilot episode. I expected him to be locked up for the whole series. That wasn’t the case, but, it made the show even better. Now, I suppose he won’t be a cop, but he’ll cooperate with Elizabeth, and they do make a great working couple. I loved the chemistry between them. The storyline was exciting. And the ‘list’ promises more of the same. I didn’t really catch how Red was related to the serbian terrorist, how he got information and then be responsible for his killing, but, it was cool.

Kudos to the casting crew. Beside Spader and Megan Boone, others are pretty great, too. I liked that little girl, she was cute and did a nice job. So did Diego Klattenhoff, especially in that scene on the bridge. Others did their part nicely, too.

It was a great pilot, and definitely I’m coming back for more.