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Two and a Half Men 10×01 – Review

vlcsnap-2013-09-27-09h44m11s28‘Charlie’s back’ shouted Evelyn after his daughter sent a girl upstairs, just like old’Charles used to do. Well, I’ve got news for you, and I’m afraid it’s a bad one. He’s not back, and this show still sucks.

Nice try Chuck, nice try bringing back some spirit of Charles, but, that was low. All that Charlie’s daughter will do is putting Walden in the shadow, and maybe getting him out of the show after couple seasons more. I like Walden and his character, I’ll still watch the show (seems stupid giving up after following this for so long), but, nothing is and will be as good as with Charlie. He was the show, the story and everything about this.

It’ll keep fading out this season, and without the stupid Jake, there will be only Allan and his cheapness to laugh off. And that’s getting too old and boring. We need more Berta.

Two and a Half Men 10×15 – TV Review

vlcsnap-2013-02-09-18h04m43s88 10×15 Paint it, pierce it, or plug it in

What’s wrong with me?! No, seriously, I simply loved Charlie Sheen! And I still do, but I don’t hate Two and a Half Men now! In fact I didn’t hate it for the past 39 episodes. I still think everything with Charlie was great, until Chuck Lorre screwed it up on season 8 with the writing, and then Charlie went all ‘zoo’-ing.

I like it when Walden is loose. Making jokes on Allan, being free spirit, not being in love, and just being that successful and sensitive nerd. That’s what makes the show better. Well, that’s what makes the show likeable. The episode was better because all the attention wasn’t around Alan, as it is most of the time.

Jaime Pressly was awesome in this episode. I liked her character a lot. It was perfect if we compare it with the character she used to play lately on not so successfully ended I Hate My Teenage Daughter. IT was one of the best guest performances by an actress in comedy series this season. Don’t be surprised if it gets an Emmy nomination. (Yeah, it was that great).

It was a great episode. If the team could pull out these kind of episodes more often, it will be a great show for at least a couple of years.

Two and a Half Men 10×01 – TV Review

two-and-a-half-men-10x01Well, I don’t think many of us expected to see the first episode of the tenth season after Charlie went ‘crazy’ that spring of 2011. Some of us didn’t expect to see this episode after the spring episodes of 2012. Anyway here we are, sticking with one of the most favorite comedies on TV that sucks when you’re remembering the glorious days with Charlie Sheen.

Yes, I am a big fan of Sheen, and I’m watching ‘Anger Management’ although both comedies aren’t together since the ‘break-up’ just like some happy couples aren’t as good as they were in the perfect marriages, but, enough with that.

I don’t like the new look of Ashton Kutcher. He was better when he looked like ‘the Jesus’. I don’t like Zooey either, and we’re not accustomed to seeing only one or two girls the whole season in Two and a Half Men.

But, the show was funny, mostly, even though it sucked, especially those scenes with Walden high with that girl, and talking to himself. Anyway it was funny the part with Michael Bolton, and him dropping some bombs on Walden, and all that was spiced up with Evelyn getting in the conversation. The scene in the kitchen was funny, and we must admit that every scene that includes Bertha is funny as hell. Also the scene at Zooey with Walden and Allan agreeing with each-other, and that hilarious scene at the bar, were pretty funny, probably the funniest part of this episode.

The show is still alive. The comedy still exists and the writing is still solid. We can’t wait every episode to get Bolton or special events like that, but we hope the writers will figure out something. I’m still sticking with the show though.

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