the-bang-theory-6x01The promos for the first episode of the TV’s best comedy were thrilling. So was the whole episode. I really enjoyed watching this episode from the beginning to the end. Maybe those scenes with Howard talking to his mother – whom we will definitely never see; and to Bernadette were maybe sometimes a little ‘stupid’, but there was fun too, especially that Russian astronaut making fun from the background about the Cold War etc.

But, let’s concentrate on maybe the most important step the producers made a couple of seasons ago – bringing Amy to the show. She fits perfectly with Sheldon, and just makes him weirder, creepier and more laughable. That anniversary date with Raj, it was the best scene of the episode. Amy surprised with Sheldon, Raj feeling sorry for ruining the date, and Sheldon getting romantic, oh man, that can’t get better.

It was also one of those episodes when Leonard is ‘stupid’. Spraying his body with that ‘big’ sport fans message, having no idea about one more of Sheldon’s theories, and still thinking that that accident with proposing was romantic – that’s so Leonard. Penny had her part too, trying to be less girly than Leonard isn’t that easy.

Anyway it was an episode to enjoy, and a season to look forward too. We’re done maybe with Howie and Bernie, but all other dudes have the opportunity to get settled by the end of this season.

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