vlcsnap-2013-02-09-00h45m05s146 6×15 The Spoiler Alert Segmentation!

So Leonard is moving in with Penny, and Amy is moving in with Sheldon! Spoiler?! If you haven’t read Harry Potter there will be even bigger spoilers.

It was a pretty great episode. I like it how Sheldon spoiled the entire Harry Potter series for Leonard and for those who still haven’t surrended to the spell of JK Rowling. It was mostly concentrated at Sheldon and Leonard, and their girlfriends. But, first let’s talk about Mrs. Wolowitz. At last we saw that, even though we have seen the face of her voice! She has a new ‘puppy’. I couldn’t differ who was that in the famous pink pajamas at first. That was a great side story with Rajesh and Mrs. Wolowitz, just what made this episode perfect.

But, let’s turn to the main story. At last we had Penny and Sheldon in the same side. They had nothing to differ, and help them. So, just like the spoiler in the first sentence they do move in together. I think this was a teaser, something to test us if we would enjoy the famous duo separated, and ready to move on with their life. Maybe we would – in season eight or nine. But, for now, just like Penny and Sheldon, we’re not ready. We really aren’t Chuck. So, please just don’t move in anyone with anyone. Things are perfect just the way they are.

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