I’m not the biggest fan of Mindy Kalling. To be fair I almost never watched The Office and ergo I’m not really familiar with her work. But, the hype was pretty high for this show, and watching the pilot of a show really doesn’t do you anything wrong.

I liked the pilot of Mindy Project. But, I didn’t understand the story, or let’s say it was different from the one that I’ve heard before the show started. I think I’ve mixed it with ‘The New Normal’ plot, mainly because that picture of the show that circulated during summer – those two doctors and Mindy talking in the lounge.

Anyhow it was different from what I expected. The plot seems interesting, but not compelling. The sequences were short and nicely connected, but there was too much Mindy. I’m going to get tired of seeing Mindy during the whole episode and subsequently that was and is going to be boring, if they can’t find another character to revolve the story around.

It’s a comedy, and not all of them are funny. So was this one. Not pretty funny, and didn’t make me laugh. But, it made me feel nice, and maybe sometime feel pity for the characters and their ‘stupidity’ which usually makes us laugh. But, theirs didn’t make me laugh.

Simply put it’s a nice show, and will find its audience, but surely not a hit. Maybe the females and couples will watch it, but not single males. I’m off.

Luan Morina