Well, to be honest the premiere of this season wasn’t as exciting as the premiere and most part of the last season. But, I understand why this happened.

The crew of ACN is dealing with the consequences of the first season. They are neglected because of their work, they are refused and hated by the others, especially those related to the Tea Party. We see Will reserved and hanging down low. That’s not something we expect and why we love this show. But, as I said in the first paragraph – I understand why. The crew isn’t dealing with any major issue, not until the end of this episode. We can see Occupy Wall Street looming and that might be a great premise for the next episodes. There continues to be the Arab Spring, but not any major inside US development. I don’t know if there was anything that might take place, except primaries and election, and also Occupy Wall Street – I don’t watch too much news on TV.

They will find something to cover.

That early havoc will electricity and stuff was low. This isn’t a show that deals with those simple technical issues. I certainly hope that this is just a burp and not an intro to the season that will continue to be like this. If the second episode will be as boring as this, I’ll consider moving on to other shows. But, I’m pretty sure Aaron Sorkin knows what his doing.

I liked that Magie and Don sorted it all out once and forever, I hope. Their story won’t bother us anymore. Also the new guy on the show looks like someone whom I won’t like.

I loved the new intro. It’s fantastic, in my own opinion. It fits perfectly, although the previous intro wasn’t bad at all.