Now that’s ‘The Newsroom’ we all know. After what I would call a slow start of the season Will and the crew is back at their best. I absolutely loved this episode. It spanned across all the characters while building up for a great ending of the episode.

It starts somewhere where we left it last week – the bus problem! Jim’s still on the road and still struggling. At least he makes the bus and a ‘competitor friend’. Now the story is pretty well connected like a spider web. It connects every single character during the episode without needing to jump around plots and characters. I’m glad the that the story of Maggie’s video is out and this is sorting out all those ‘daily dramas’ love triangles etc. I’m not sure that Maggie will take that African trip. That would mean having her off the show, and despite all this ‘love problems’ it’s not looking like anyone is leaving the show, unlike other shows where when there’s a ‘love’ issue characters walk away. Right now the situation with Jim, Maggie, and Don is kind of sorted out, and I like it. Also it looks like Sloan will be involved with Don pretty soon. What I liked about this ‘problem’ was the conversation between Lisa and Maggie. I’ve never seen Lisa that decisive, that mature, although she never had too much time on the show. Also pretty cool was that scene with Sloan and Maggie talking to the girl who uploaded the video at the dry-cleaning. It was kind of a good cop – bad cop scene, not creative, but something cool. Also the scene on Sloan’s office had pretty great dialogue, like all of the scenes involving Maggie and Sloan in this episode. I don’t have to comment on the dialogue though, it’s what makes this show great, but Maggie-Sloan dialogue was fantastic in this episode.

Enough about that ‘love problem’. While Don isn’t really connected to that problem, he’s concentrated on real issues, news issues. He’s chasing Troy Davis’ story, something that he ought to be right, and probably the main story of this episode. He’s the key character from the crew involved in this story, and we see him at the end devastated.

A glimpse into the past of Will McAvoy’s career was awesome. That scene where he’s covering 9/11 news was a masterpiece. We got to see something we wanted to see, what he was like before. In the beginning we have him just sitting around and not doing much, except admiring his shower. Also Elliot’s appearance was cool. Missed that guy.

Interesting and funny was the scene involving Neal. Especially that moment when they laugh at him at the newsroom. We all know about ‘Anonymous’ and stuff, and I personally got inside his character while others were making fun of him. Seriously, they didn’t know about Guy Fawkes?! Scenes like this are what makes us love the character and hate none. Whom do you hate? The internet might hate Will McAvoy, but we can’t. Standing up for Neal at PD was another ‘going crazy’ scene of him culminating with ‘Are you alright, sir?”. See that’s what I’m talking about when I give the dialogue the highest evaluation there is. Also that Neal’s ‘speech’ afterward was funny too.

Oh, I might forget to mention that I really enjoyed those scene where Jim was the camera guy and the reporter at the same time. Also addition of Jerry seems to be fantastic step. He got more time at this episode and he seized it.

It might look like I’m skipping covering all the scenes in here, but I want to appreciate their choice of Willie Nelson’s song. That was top shelf song, fitting perfectly in the penultimate scene culminating with the next big story report. Love this show, and still excited for every Monday evening (here we see the show 24 hours later).

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