It’s highly anticipated show, mainly for the return of Sarah Michelle Gellar on TV. It’s not maybe Buffy all over again, but the pilot looked promising. Beginning looked a bit complicated and maybe made us a bit confused, but by the end of the first episode we were able to get some clarifications and now we can start to determine the key characters of the series. The plot, even if it was a bit confused in the beginning, it started to become clearer by the end. And it seems to be interesting plot fulfilled with mystery that will keep you wanting to come back for next episode. I liked the casting, the actors were chosen smartly, and I think that Sarah Michelle Gellar will have a tough job portraying twins with totally different characters, but I don’t doubt in her abilities. There were some interesting actors in supporting roles. With good writing I’m sure this show will have a solid success and maybe a second season on CW. It certainly promises to be interesting show and maybe a new hit for this channel. I’d like to watch following episodes, but it won’t be in my Must Watch list on Tuesdays.

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