vlcsnap-2013-09-27-09h44m11s28‘Charlie’s back’ shouted Evelyn after his daughter sent a girl upstairs, just like old’Charles used to do. Well, I’ve got news for you, and I’m afraid it’s a bad one. He’s not back, and this show still sucks.

Nice try Chuck, nice try bringing back some spirit of Charles, but, that was low. All that Charlie’s daughter will do is putting Walden in the shadow, and maybe getting him out of the show after couple seasons more. I like Walden and his character, I’ll still watch the show (seems stupid giving up after following this for so long), but, nothing is and will be as good as with Charlie. He was the show, the story and everything about this.

It’ll keep fading out this season, and without the stupid Jake, there will be only Allan and his cheapness to laugh off. And that’s getting too old and boring. We need more Berta.

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