The numbers are showing a big summer hit for CBS. The most watch summer drama series premiere since 1992! And they were saying that television is dying!

The pilot starts with short scenes introducing us to the characters that i believe are the key ones in this series. It was cook seeing the pilot from the ‘Lost’. I like seeing those characters in new series, different roles. I hate when they’re just a guest characters and die out pretty soon. I hope this won’t be the case with Frank.

We have a murderer, a couple of police officers, a tough business guy, a young couple not pretty much in love, and a journalist. Now not every one of them is connected at the same time. That gives the show ability to have interesting subplots in the following episodes. No doubt they will be connected in some way later in the season, it’s a town under a dome, so this will happen, but it’s not a single story, there are a few different views that are being explored each one in its own way.

I liked the cast. The crew did a great job finding this cast as they look like they fit their characters perfectly. At least that’s my first impression.

The story is new, creative to some degree. We’ve seen this at ‘The Simpsons Movie’ and they say that this story was included also on an episode of ‘Twilight Zone’. I’ve seen ‘The Simpsons Movie’ and because of its genre – a comedy, there’s not much relation in my opinion. But, there are still fans of ‘Twilight Zone’ that might find this boring.

It’s not boring for the other part of us. The town under a dome, something that nobody has information about. The story might get boring at some point, but I don’t expect this to happen in the first season. It’s a great show for thrilling summer. I’m going to come back for the rest of episodes. I’m already into it. I suggest you start watching it too. Don’t miss out on it!