Yeah, I’m still watching it. In my review of the first episode I said that if they kill another ‘Lost’ star immediately after a single episode I’d run away. I didn’t. The show’s compelling. I like the way it’s going and I want to see how they’re going to deal with the time passing by.

The show is getting interesting. The truth about Barbie is starting to come out, and so is the truth about Big Jim and his wrongdoings. The episode is concentrated mainly in the hospital – apparently there’s meningitis in the town. The seizures are more common now, and more people are getting sick. Even Linda is ‘down’ in the hospital now.

We have more of Hill family in this episode as Norrie tries to solve the mystery of seizures together with Joe. There is an interesting and inspiring speech from James that shows us to the other side of him. Julia does the perfect job of a reporter closing in to Barbie’s mystery.

The end of this episode promises something new maybe, depends on the character of Jim. I think he might be as crazy as his son. Let’s see…

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