There have been many discontent rossoneri hearts in the recent hours over the agreement reached between AC Milan and PSG which sends both ‘red and black’ statues to the city of light.

Being angry is understandable and to some level reasonable, but I don’t think it’s the end of the world today, or at 21st of December. So, first advice to ‘rossoneri’ is chill-out people!

I will try to make it sound reasonable the decision of Silvio and Galle. If somebody comes to you and asks you to sell the best players of your squad for 70 million euros, you would think, but won’t rush into decision. This happened to us before, and we were a bit easy-handed. We sold Kaka and Sheva in the right time, or maybe they just were worn out. I don’t want to get concentrated too much into the past, but Sheva and Kaka would’ve had a couple years more at AC Milan, just like did Seedorf, Pippo, Gattuso, Maldini, etc. So they were at their prime, but couldn’t manage to settle in other ambient. This doesn’t mean Thiago Silva won’t be the best defender, and Ibra won’t score 50 goals next season. It might mean that PSG won’t be winning the Champions League next few years though!

Ibra is going north of the ‘30s and Thiago Silva in a couple of years will be heading that way too. If we want to sell both these players we won’t be having a better offer ever. Because of Ibra’s age, the package deal is a smart move for this price by the PSG. And, yes I do think that PSG is gaining more than Milan is loosing with this deal. At least we should’ve bargained for 75-80 millions, just because of Thiago.

Now Ibra would’ve earned 24 millions for the next two years, and Thiago Silva would’ve been paid in total more than that for the next four years, around 26 with bonuses etc. So with these two players AC Milan would’ve had an outcome of 36 for the next two years, and in total 50 millions for next four years. If we would’ve won 2 Champions League titles, 3 Serie A titles and a couple of World Championships and Italian Super Cup, it would’ve been worth it. But, let’s be honest, it won’t happen.

With Thiago and Ibra out, we have a salary cap space for 17-20 millions for the next few years. I don’t think we would have to spend this entire cap on the wage of new players. If we can manage to bring couple of young and talented defenders with annual wage of 6-7 millions, and a quality striker for 6 millions, we would be saving almost 7-8 million dollars. This number equals Thiago’s wage, so maybe we don’t have to sell him, but it looks like we can’t get rid of Ibra alone. I think we could’ve discussed with City and Real for that.

In defence we could’ve signed Vertonghen. I really think Spurs had a steal with him. But, now we’re getting an Italian and a Brazilian in defence. In attack I’d absolutely prefer Dzeko before Tevez. The Bosnian striker has made his love for the ‘rossoneri’ clear during the past years, and his wage won’t be as bigger as Teveze’s wage. Also he’s taller, and we will be needing height forward with Cassano, Pato, and El Shaarawy there. I think Robinho should be going too.

So with that projected wage above, we would have 65-70 millions from the transfer and almost 35 millions saved from those expensive wages. AC Milan is winning 100 millions from this deal, not only 70 millions.

We have a young team, a talented coach who has gained experience past couple of years, and we might be able to play good football, and be competitive in all the competitions. I wouldn’t expect titles immediately, but we will be in the top. And we will need a lot of luck and healthy players.

Luan Morina

Columnist for ACMilan-Shqip

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